Personal Development Pack 8 With Quote Images!

This is my eighth pack of 10 PLR articles in the huge niche of Personal Development!- Each article also has its own quote image, great for social media sharing! 

You may call it ‘self improvement’, ‘goal achievement’, ‘motivation’ or ‘inspiration’, but they work all the same, and it really is a massive niche! If you’re looking for content that’s good to go, then you’ve come to the right place!

I wrote these 10 articles myself, but I also created the quote images to go with them. I put the backgrounds together, put the words together, and took all the photos myself – that’s how I can *guarantee* they are safe for you to use, because they’re my photos to licence in the first place 😉

Quote images really are great – they do a lot of heavy lifting! They can be shared around to generate publicity, and of course they can be used in the end product too.

The articles can be used pretty much how you want – blog posts, email series, compile into reports, turned into videos, used as lessons for coaching or memberships, and those images help with all of those!

I’ll cover the rights in a moment, as well as letting you see a sample, but before that

let’s go over the titles –


– If You Fail By Trying To Do… (969 words)
– How Wonderful It Is That Nobody Need Wait A Single Moment… (892 words)
 Perspective. Keep Things In Perspective.  (1116 words)
– It’s Good To Have An End To Journey Toward, But…  (1129 words)
– Oh Really? Why Not!  (961 words)
Dream More, Learn More, Do More, Become More. (1067 words)
– What Ripples Do *You* Send Out..? (911 words)
– Instead Of Focusing On What You Don’t Want… (1066 words)
Time Waits For Nobody, Nobody, Nobody. For No-one.   (1173 words)
Embrace The Climb.  (761 words)


If you add them all up, that’s a total of 10,045 words, which we could probably call 10k between friends, right? Now, it’s clear that word count is not the ‘be all and end all’ when it comes to quality, but since some PLR sellers will have each article coming in at around 500 words, for my 10 articles to come to 10,000 words – That’s a fair old chunk!

If the titles seem cumbersome, that’s because I have basically used the same words from the article’s image to give you an idea of the quote image – you can make the title zingier than that! 😉

Talking about the images, here are thumbnails of the images you’ll get with this pack:

(you can click on each one to see the full image)

"Personal development PLR" "Gordon Bryan PLR" "PLR image" "Ursula K Le Guin" "PLR image" "John Quincy Adams" "Gordon Bryan PLR" "Personal Development PLR" "PLR article and image" "PLR image"

You may be wondering what the price is, but before I come to that, let’s look at the rights:
You may NOT use them with my name attached.
You may NOT pass on or sell on the rights.

That’s it! Apart from that you can do as you wish!

I did say I’d let you see a sample – not a generic sample of my writing, but an actual sample from *this* pack! Here it is –


How Wonderful It Is That Nobody Need Wait…

Time to look at another quote image, and this one is sombre and uplifting at the same time…

"Gordon Bryan PLR"

The photo’s of an early morning sunrise over some ancient burial stones. A glorious, quiet, chilly morning, the kind of atmosphere that makes it almost impossible to escape the sense of ‘potential’, of ‘possibility’ as a new day starts.

That’s why I thought the words worked well over the top, from someone who left words as a legacy after her own opportunities were cut short.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Anne Frank wrote those words.

Born in Germany in 1929, died at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, 1945, aged 15.

She wrote them when she herself was not able to go out and soak up a sunrise. Words written in her diary as her family spent 2 years hiding in a building in the Netherlands from the occupying Germans.

After being arrested in 1944after a tip off to the Germans, her diary was kept safe by one of the people that had been helping the family, and returned to her father Otto after he survived the concentration camps.

Anne, her mother, and her sister, did not survive. After a couple of months at Auschwitz, where their mother Edith died, the two girls were moved on to Bergen-Belsen where they caught typhus in the terrible conditions and died.

Otto found himself surprised by the depths of Anne’s writing, and when he saw that she had hoped to become a writer, he set about trying to get it published. He didn’t have much success, but when an article *about* the diary got into a newspaper, that caught the attention, and the diary was published in 1947, with the first publication in English coming in 1952.

I’ve not actually read it, so I don’t know the context of the quote, I don’t know what came before it, or after but I’m not sure that matters, because as soon as I saw it, I felt the impact. It hit home as a wonderful quote about a wonderful thing and when you see the name Anne Frank attached, the knowledge of her story and the situation she was in when she wrote it makes it all the more…wonderful.

Here’s the thing though – it sounds lovely, but is it *true*..?

Is it true that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world?

Well, you won’t be surprised to hear that yes, I think it’s true! Of course it’s true!

How can it not be true?

All of us spend all our days getting results based on our actions, based on our thoughts.

This is true whether we know it or not. It’s true whether we want to accept it or not.

Those thoughts and actions impact the world around us, and they impact *us*.

It follows therefore, that all of us can change that impact, by changing the actions, by changing the thoughts. Since our thoughts are ours, and we can direct them at any time, then yes, we can start to change the world right now. No need to wait a single moment.

It’s important to note the word ‘improve’ in Anne’s words. Not just change the world, but improve it. That’s where the real impact of her quote comes. Written right in the middle of one of the darkest times we’ve known, the idea of not just changing, but improving the world is one that must be held on to.

I like to think of another well used quote, which is to make sure that we are being the change we want to see in the world.

So, if we want to improve things, both for those around us, and for ourselves, it’s down to us…

If you want to bring more laughter into the world, laugh more yourself.
If you want to bring more positivity into the world, think and therefore act positively yourself.

More kindness? Be kind.
More understanding? Be understanding.
More communication? Communicate more.

If we take this idea and actually act on it, we’re sending out ripples that we consider to be a way of improving the world. We might have a clear idea of how, when and why it will have an impact, or we might not have any idea, but those ripples are surely going out.

If they impact others, and make an improvement, that’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Sometimes the way of the world is not easy to change quickly. It might seem impossible in fact. It can sound glib to imply otherwise, so it’s important to understand that life can be difficult to the extreme. We only have to remind ourselves of the quote author’s story to see that.

However, even if the actual changing of the world might be slow, the decision to do it can be instant. The decision to change our thoughts and/or act differently on our current thought patterns can be made instantly.

It can be done right now.

Look to your world. Do you see things you’d like to improve? I say get to it then! Look to the words of the young Anne Frank, and you’ll surely agree that she was right –

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait single moment before starting to improve the world.

*************end sample******************** 

So you can see the quality of the writing, these articles are not some rag tag words cobbled together on the back streets of Hurry Up Central! (plus you can see that it’s content that will stand the test of time as it’s not time specific)

You can also see the image included, and why they are so handy to compliment the content – don’t forget the essential step of putting your website at the bottom of the images before you use them! I can do that for you if you wish.

Ok, so the price?
Well, you’ve seen the titles, you’ve seen a sample, including image quote to go with it, you’ve seen the very liberal rights allowed. Let’s talk about the price…

The price is –


No need to mess about, I think that’s a steal!

So for $17, hit the button and snap up 10 articles with images, written by me, in the massive personal development field…
Gordon Bryan PLR Articles with Images - Personal Development Pack 8

Health & Happiness,
P.S. $17 for 10 articles is right at the low end of the scale for quality PLR articles. I know that, you know that, but I do it because I want to help as many PLR users as possible. The fact they come with quote images as well, and unique ones as well because I took them, makes this a deal that you should have already snapped up! If not, here’s the button again:
Gordon Bryan PLR Articles with Images - Personal Development Pack 8




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