Personal Development Pack 4 With Quote Images!

This is my fourth pack of 10 PLR articles in the huge niche of Personal Development!- Each article also has its own quote image, great for social media sharing!

You may call it ‘self improvement’, ‘goal achievement’, ‘motivation’ or ‘inspiration’, but they work all the same, and it really is a massive niche! If you’re looking for content that’s good to go, then you’ve come to the right place!

I wrote these 10 articles myself, but I also created the quote images to go with them. I put the backgrounds together, put the words together, and took all the photos myself – that’s how I can *guarantee* they are safe for you to use, because they’re my photos to licence in the first place 😉

Quote images really are great – they do a lot of heavy lifting! They can be shared around to generate publicity, and of course they can be used in the end product too.

The articles can be used pretty much how you want – blog posts, email series, compile into reports, turned into videos, used as lessons for coaching or memberships, and those images help with all of those!

I’ll cover the rights in a moment, as well as letting you see a sample, but before that

let’s go over the titles –


– Question: Does Success Come Without Risk..? (769 words)
– Celebrate Your Successes. No really, DO! (738 words)
 Accentuate The Positive… (812 words)
– Speak Your Truth…Listen To Others… (773 words)
– Do The Right Thing, And If It Means You Fly Alone… (777 words)
If You Want To Do Something, Here’s An Outrageous Idea… (752 words)
– No Man Walks In The Same River Twice… (705 words)
– You Can’t Control The Universe, You Really Can’t… (877 words)
Today Will Only Ever Be Around For One Day, Use It Or Lose It. (826 words)
Presumption Can Be The Thief Of Opportunity, Or… (964 words)


If you add them all up, that’s a total of 7993 words, which we could probably call 8000 between friends, right? That’s a fair old chunk!

If the titles seem cumbersome, that’s because I have basically used the same words from the article’s image to give you an idea of the quote image – you can make the title zingier than that! 😉

Talking about the images, here are thumbnails of the images you’ll get with this pack:

(you can click on each one to see the full image)

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You may be wondering what the price is, but before I come to that, let’s look at the rights:
You may NOT use them with my name attached.
You may NOT pass on or sell on the rights.

That’s it! Apart from that you can do as you wish!

I did say I’d let you see a sample – not a generic sample of my writing, but an actual sample from *this* pack! Here it is –


If You Want To Do Something In Life…Here’s An Outrageous Idea – DO IT.

In this article I’m looking at another quote image, and this time it’s all about letting ideas fly…

"Gordon Bryan", "PLR",

If you want to do something in life, here’s an outrageous idea – do it.

The image was taken down by the beach watching a lovely sunset, and it just so happened that a bird flew across the shot at the right moment. It’s very difficult to plan shots like that with simple point and click cameras, so unless it was some sort of megalomaniac seagull that flies in front of any camera it sees, it was just one of those things!

It did make me think of the concept of letting your ideas fly, the small ones, and yes, the big ones.

The common reaction to the idea that if you want to do something you should just do it, is that it sounds all well and good in theory, but real life’s just not like that, that we can’t just act on our ideas.

Why not? Why is this the common reaction, why is the default setting that we *shouldn’t* act on our ideas?

We certainly don’t have that setting as children. If children want to do something, they just go right ahead and do it, more often than not right there and then. They don’t over think it, they don’t over plan, they just get stuck in.

If course, we’re not children, and the point about children acting without inhibition is a key part of the answer…

Most inhibitions (I say ‘most’ because it’s not all), most inhibitions are *learnt*. As children we are told what we shouldn’t do, what we can’t do. This builds up our inhibitions so that instead of simply acting on ideas, we stop and check for validation first, from our own internal models. To a large extent, those models have been built for us by others, I.e. ‘grown up’!

Of course we develop our own internal models about consequences of actions, and it’s all normal and natural, particularly when it protects us from danger.

The downside of it though, is that it stunts our readiness to act on ideas – if we have an idea that falls into the internal model of ‘silly’, or ‘unrealistic’ or ‘only for others’ or ‘not within our ability’, then we’ll probably not act on it, even if it makes us yearn to just act on it.

So, I ask again, why *shouldn’t* we just act on our ideas, the big ones and the small ones?

When I say small ones, that might mean doing a leisure activity just because you want to, or trying something new, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. It might mean *not* doing an activity and saying “no” to someone for a change.

When I talk about the big ideas, instead of ideas about what to do in life, I’m talking about ideas on what to do *with* your life!

The big picture ideas. The ideal house, the ideal job, the ideal partner, the ideal lifestyle.

Why not act on it?

Because you’re not good enough? Well, who knows until you try.
Because others might laugh at you? Well, let them laugh, it’s not their life your concerning yourself with here.

Because it might be hard, you might fail? Well, it might indeed be hard, and you might indeed fail! ‘Might’ being the important word – you might also *not* fail, and even if you do, you won’t have that soul sapping drip dripping of knowing that you never tried, leaving you wondering what if.

Look to your joys, your passions, what makes you feel alive. Not anyone else’s, yours.
This won’t be hard, because the ideas won’t be new ones, they’ll be ones that will have been with you for a long time, several years in many cases.

Then ask yourself, is it really so outrageous that you should act on them? If the answer’s yes, then I’d ask ‘who says it’s outrageous? Who *exactly* says it?

It might be that when it comes to down to it, it’s *you* that thinks it’s outrageous, too big a leap, too big a gamble.

In that case, it’s time to work on your self esteem, time to work on your self confidence, time to be honest about the ‘real’ you and your place in the world.

Once you’ve done that, I suggest you’ll be in a better position to deal with the fears, to dispense with any perceived outrage, and simply act on that idea!

*************end sample******************** 

So you can see the quality of the writing, these articles are not some rag tag words cobbled together on the back streets of Hurry Up Central! (plus you can see that it’s content that will stand the test of time as it’s not time specific)

You can also see the image included, and why they are so handy to compliment the content – don’t forget the essential step of putting your website at the bottom of the images before you use them! I can do that for you if you wish.

Ok, so the price?
Well, you’ve seen the titles, you’ve seen a sample, including image quote to go with it, you’ve seen the very liberal rights allowed. Let’s talk about the price…

The price is –


No need to mess about, I think that’s a steal!

So for $10, hit the button and snap up 10 articles with images, written by me, in the massive personal development field…
Gordon Bryan PLR Articles with Images - Personal Development Pack 4

Health & Happiness,
P.S. $10 for 10 articles is right at the low end of the scale for quality PLR articles. I know that, you know that, but I do it because I want to help as many PLR users as possible. The fact they come with quote images as well, and unique ones as well because I took them, makes this a deal that you should have already snapped up! If not, here’s the button again:
Gordon Bryan PLR Articles with Images - Personal Development Pack 4



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