Personal Development Pack 3 With Quote Images

This is my third pack of 10 PLR articles in the huge niche of Personal Development!- Each article also has its own quote image, great for social media sharing!

You may call it ‘self improvement’, ‘goal achievement’, ‘motivation’ or ‘inspiration’, but they work all the same, and it really is a massive niche! If you’re looking for content that’s good to go, then you’ve come to the right place!

I wrote these 10 articles myself, but I also created the quote images to go with them. I put the backgrounds together, put the words together, and took all the photos myself – that’s how I can *guarantee* they are safe for you to use, because they’re my photos to licence in the first place 😉

Quote images really are great – they do a lot of heavy lifting! They can be shared around to generate publicity, and of course they can be used in the end product too.

The articles can be used pretty much how you want – blog posts, email series, compile into reports, turned into videos, used as lessons for coaching or memberships, and those images help with all of those!

I’ll cover the rights in a moment, as well as letting you see a sample, but before that

let’s go over the titles –


– Stop Moaning, Start Doing! (648 words)
– The Best Time To Plant A Tree Was 20 Years Ago… (758 words)
 Life Isn’t Always Rainbows and Sequins, So When It Is… (678 words)
– You Weren’t Born Feeling Incapable Or Inadequate… (862 words)
– Have You Set Your Goal Achievement Deadline As 12th Never? (813 words)
Don’t Let Your Dreams Die When Daylight Comes! (632 words)
– Some Of Us Are More Fragile On The Inside Than Others… (750 words)
– Go Placidly Amid The Noise And Haste… (978 words)
Worrying About Yesterday And Worryign About Tomorrow… (650 words)
If The People Around You Won’t Cheer You On… (763 words)


If you add them all up, that’s a total of 7532 words, which we could probably call 7530 between friends, right? That’s a fair old chunk!

If the titles seem cumbersome, that’s because I have basically used the same words from the article’s image to give you an idea of the quote image – you can make the title zingier than that! 😉

Talking about the images, here are thumbnails of the images you’ll get with this pack:

(you can click on each one to see the full image)

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You may be wondering what the price is, but before I come to that, let’s look at the rights:
You may NOT use them with my name attached.
You may NOT pass on or sell on the rights.

That’s it! Apart from that you can do as you wish!

I did say I’d let you see a sample – not a generic sample of my writing, but an actual sample from *this* pack! Here it is –


Don’t Let Your Dreams Die When Daylight Comes…

This article looks closer at a point made in a quote image, and it goes to the heart of why many people dismiss goal achievement, self improvement, personal development…

"Gordon Bryan", "PLR"

“Don’t let your dreams die when daylight comes.”

Sounds a bit ‘airy fairy’ doesn’t it? In fact, I’d go further and suggest it sounds ‘happy clappy’ and ‘wishy washy’ at the same time!

People who dismiss the whole personal development field think that saying something like that, probably at dawn, in a hand-holding circle of people chanting, with flowers in their hair.

It allows them to validate their mental image, a box in their brain that they can consign ‘goal achievement; into, that it’s only for the kind of hippy that indulges in such nonsense!


I understand why people do it, it could be any number of reasons – peer pressure, upbringing, surroundings, and then the self belief (or lack of it!) that is honed from these factors.

That’s a shame. It’s a crying shame, because so many people do it, so many people dismiss dreams as ‘not realistic’, which means that so many people shut off life avenues which could take them to places that fulfil them, that give joy, that allow the ‘real’ them to exist and flourish.

Oh, they have the dreams alright – they dream of the house they want, they dream of doing what they choose for a living, they dream of all sorts of things, but then they wake up. When they wake up, the dreams go back ‘where they belong’, and they get up and go to a job they don’t like, to pay for a car to get them there and back, to pay for the house that isn’t big enough or in the neighbourhood they want, and so it goes on.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It really doesn’t.

Another way is to *focus* on the dreams, the model of the life you’d *actually* want. Then, rather than dismiss it, you’d decide to go for it, and decide to believe it possible, and yourself worthy.

Next step would be to study how others got there, since it’s unlikely you’re the first. By gaining the knowledge, you build up a roadmap of steps you would need to take, and work out what the first step would be.

Then, while accepting there are no guarantees, and being prepared for hard work and possible setbacks, you take the first step.

This is life changing. It’s not necessarily easy, and in fact it can be incredibly hard, because change will be inevitable part of the process, and some of the changes might be unpleasant to go through.

You will find that you will need to surround yourself with people on the same page as yourself, and as you progress, this will have the inevitable side effect of leaving some other people behind.

That’s unavoidable, because you are moving in a direction that fewer people take. The competition will start to ramp up, and people who make the decision to accept the easier life will not stay along for the ride you are now on.

However, if you’ve tapped into your ideal mode, and are moving towards it, you’ll take on the difficulties, because difficulties come to us all in life, so why not face them on the road of our choosing rather than one we’ve settled for?

The idea of moving the dreams of sleep into awake reality, can seem easy to rubbish as an idea, to box it away as ‘only for hippies.’ That would be a mistake though, because with practical ideas and techniques, with help and support from likeminded community (which the internet allows us to tap into), it’s something that can be done by anyone.

Try it, you might surprise yourself!

*************end sample******************** 

So you can see the quality of the writing, these articles are not some rag tag words cobbled together on the back streets of Hurry Up Central! (this one also has the benefit that you can use the article and image over and over again, on Mondays!)

You can also see the image included, and why they are so handy to compliment the content – don’t forget the essential step of putting your website at the bottom of the images before you use them! I can do that for you if you wish.

Ok, so the price?
Well, you’ve seen the titles, you’ve seen a sample, including image quote to go with it, you’ve seen the very liberal rights allowed. Let’s talk about the price…

The price is –


No need to mess about, I think that’s a steal!

So for $10, hit the button and snap up 10 articles with images, written by me, in the massive personal development field…
Gordon Bryan PLR Articles With Images - Personal Development Pack 3
Health & Happiness,
P.S. $10 for 10 articles is right at the low end of the scale for quality PLR articles. I know that, you know that, but I do it because I want to help as many PLR users as possible. The fact they come with quote images as well, and unique ones as well because I took them, makes this a deal that you should have already snapped up! If not, here’s the button again:

Gordon Bryan PLR Articles With Images - Personal Development Pack 3







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