Personal Development Pack 2 With Quote Images

This is my second pack of 10 PLR articles in the huge niche of Personal Development!- Each article also has its own quote image, great for social media sharing!

You may call it ‘self improvement’, ‘goal achievement’, ‘motivation’ or ‘inspiration’, but they work all the same, and it really is a massive niche! If you’re looking for content that’s good to go, then you’ve come to the right place!

I wrote these 10 articles myself, but I also created the quote images to go with them. I put the backgrounds together, put the words together, and took all the photos myself – that’s how I can *guarantee* they are safe for you to use, because they’re my photos to licence in the first place 😉

Quote images really are great – they do a lot of heavy lifting! They can be shared around to generate publicity, and of course they can be used in the end product too.

The articles can be used pretty much how you want – blog posts, email series, compile into reports, turned into videos, used as lessons for coaching or memberships, and those images help with all of those!

I’ll cover the rights in a moment, as well as letting you see a sample, but before that

let’s go over the titles –


– If Monday Morning Makes Your Shoulders Sag… (696 words)
– Do You Allow Yourself To Just Breathe In The Happy? (701 words)
There Are Plenty Of People Waiting To Say You’re Not Good Enough… (752 words)
– If You Want Above Average Results, It’ll Take Above Average Actions! (531 words)
– If You’re Going To Make Assumptions, Assume The Best. (700 words)
If I Move Forwards There May Be Rocks In The Way… (772 words)
– Success Reflects The Value You Bring… (806 words)
– You Know You Can, You’re Just Choosing Not To (864 words)
Don’t Forget To Check Your Boat (658 words)
If You Don’t Like Your Address, Change It – You’re Not A Tree!. (616 words)


If you add them all up, that’s a total of 7096 words, which we could probably call 7100 between friends, right? That’s a fair old chunk!

If the titles seem cumbersome, that’s because I have basically used the same words from the article’s image to give you an idea of the quote image – you can make the title zingier than that! 😉

Talking about the images, here are thumbnails of the images you’ll get with this pack:

(you can click on each one to see the full image)


You may be wondering what the price is, but before I come to that, let’s look at the rights:
You may NOT use them with my name attached.
You may NOT pass on or sell on the rights.

That’s it! Apart from that you can do as you wish!

I did say I’d let you see a sample – not a generic sample of my writing, but an actual sample from *this* pack! Here it is –


If Monday Morning Makes Your Shoulders Sag…

This article is the latest taking a closer look at a point made in a quote image…

“If Monday morning makes your shoulders sag, you don’t need to expand your weekend, you need to expand your imagination, expand your actions.”

Blimey, that’s not beating around the bush, is it! I do think it’s true though.

The Monday morning feeling is all too common, and with the world of social media being only a fingertip away, it’s all too easy to fall into the crowd moaning about it.

Every Monday.

I have a problem with it, both with the moaning, and having the feeling in the first place.

Of course the reason behind it is not hard to fathom – people are going back to work, and that means trudge and grind. They do a job they don’t like, to pay for their rent or mortgage on a house they don’t spend much time in, because they are out working!

The commute can be hell, and the thought of a long week until the holy grail otherwise known as ‘the weekend’ sends shivers down the spine from around midday onwards on Sunday.

The idea of wanting the weekend to be longer seems an easy way out, but since that never happens, instead of falling into the rut of repeated moaning, why not look at other options that you *can* do something about..?

I say in the image about expanding the imagination. What do I mean by that?
Well it’s twofold – firstly you can change your angle from one of moaning, to one of appreciation.

You could focus on appreciating the fact that you *have* a job to go to. It may sound glib to say you should think of how many millions around the world would love to have a job to go to, but it’s true nonetheless. If you have the chance to go to work to provide for yourself and/or your family, to provide the nicer things in life, then that’s something to appreciate, right?

You could focus on the fact that you have your health to allow you to go to work in the first place. How many people don’t have that level of health?

If you’re reading this, you are living in a world of opportunity, so turn your imagination to asking what you could do to change the situation that makes Monday morning so horrendous.

If you think the answer is ‘nothing,’ then, to be blunt, you’re wrong. The opportunity all around you is amazing. It might be difficult, it will almost certainly involve big change, but there are always options to change things.

Once you’ve swung your imagination away from the moaning, and thought about actions you could take to change things, let’s move to the second thing I state in the image that you need to expand – “you need to expand your actions…”

YOU need to expand YOUR actions. Take responsibility for your current position, then take responsibility for doing something about it. Did anyone force you to take that job? Is anyone forcing you to stay there? I may be wrong, but I suspect the genuine answer to both of those questions is ‘no.’

Don’t expect others to take action for you, or for life to owe you anything.

Once you take back the steering wheel of your life yourself, and expand your actions, it’s amazing what can happen. It might be that you already know this, that in times gone by you have taken action to produce results. After all, you had to take action to get the job in the first place!

If that’s the case, that you remember results in your life that were outcomes of action, it might only take a small dose of progressive action to get the cogs turning again.

The idea of changing your thoughts and then your actions is a powerful one. Whether it’s followed through or not is up to you, but if it is, then the Monday morning feeling will start to fade into memory, replaced by forward moving habit and momentum, combined with acceptance and appreciation.

Oh, it can be life changing – it can be transformational!

*************end sample******************** 

So you can see the quality of the writing, these articles are not some rag tag words cobbled together on the back streets of Hurry Up Central! (this one also has the benefit that you can use the article and image over and over again, on Mondays!)

You can also see the image included, and why they are so handy to compliment the content – don’t forget the essential step of putting your website at the bottom of the images before you use them! I can do that for you if you wish.

Ok, so the price?
Well, you’ve seen the titles, you’ve seen a sample, including image quote to go with it, you’ve seen the very liberal rights allowed. Let’s talk about the price…

The price is –


No need to mess about, I think that’s a steal!

So for $10, hit the button and snap up 10 articles with images, written by me, in the massive personal development field.
Gordon Bryan PLR Articles With Images - Personal Development Pack 2
Health & Happiness,
P.S. $10 for 10 articles is right at the low end of the scale for quality PLR articles. I know that, you know that, but I do it because I want to help as many PLR users as possible. The fact they come with quote images as well, and unique ones as well because I took them, makes this a deal that you should have already snapped up! If not, here’s the button again:
Gordon Bryan PLR Articles With Images - Personal Development Pack 2

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