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Whether it’s a query about an article pack, a question about the site in general, or for any other reason, send me an email!

You can reach me via gordon(AT)gordonbryan(DOT)com.  You’ll have to replace the (AT) and (DOT) which are there to help deal with spammers.

You can also find me on my FB page

I answer all my emails personally. I don’t employ anyone to do it, there is no automated response, I answer personally, so do please bear that in mind with response times – thanks!

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  1. Hi Gordon,
    I have been looking at your PLR site and it has set me thinking, I also am involved in the digital space, I have a background in IT Support which I worked in for 20 years. I left my career in 2013 to pursue other facets of internet-based work and projects; I’m sure you know the desire to build your own online empire and also help others at the same time?

    Anyway, I see that you are a writer and I too like to write-I regard writing as being a primary online skill from which all others depend on.
    I have commenced a blog based site where i want to present truly practical skills for people to gain a genuine set of tools they can use to build their own online businesses with-there is just so much crap and deception out there! this is at:
    Would you be interested in joining forces, in a ‘JV’ type approach, where we can combine our talents to give digitally naive people a fighting chance, and make us some money at the same time? I know that JV’s can be tricky, but I sense that we could probably do something special and valuable-call it a ‘hunch’ if you like 😉
    What are you thoughts?
    Best regards

    • thegreatgordino says:

      Hi Michael,
      I’m sorry, I completely missed this!
      What kind of thing did you have in mind?
      I find myself at a bit of a crossroads – I have a couple of course/membership programmes, need to focus on them (!) and also this PLR site, which is a good way to leverage my own content creation.
      That’s a lot on my plate, but do feel free to throw any ideas you may have at me!
      Cheers, Gordon

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